Why Should You Invest in Building a Home in Accra?

Why Should You Invest in Building a Home in Accra?

Ghana is the fastest-growing country in Africa and the gateway to West Africa. It is a tourist, commercial, and residential attraction for diverse visitors because of its political stability, economic liberalism, excellent work opportunities in corporate sectors, the abundance of natural resources for industrial, manufacturing, production & mining work, lively lifestyle, fruitful neighbourhoods for small-scale businesses, access to top schools, colleges & universities, hospitals, banks, and more.

There are numerous reasons for Investing in Buying a Home in Ghana, and in this blog, we will walk you through them.

Reasons for Investing in Buying a Home in Accra, Ghana

The following are the reasons for Investing in Residential Property & owning a house in Accra, Ghana:

Heart of Ghana

Accra is the Heart of Ghana’s life and offers a vibrant lifestyle over other Ghanaian cities regarding events, activities, recreation spots, busy streets, and more. All the trending events of Ghana are held in Accra. You will get the experience of living in a Cosmopolitan city, Metropolitan, suburbs, port side, and industrial areas – all in one in Accra.

You will never get bored in Accra because of consistent street activities & events, happy hours, marathons, club events, bars, lounges, dine-in restaurants, concerts & live band performances by top Artists of the country, fashion week, fairs & festivals, poetry slams, and more.

You have countless shopping places in the form of malls, shopping centres like Shoprite, Marina Mall, & Melcom, and street shopping neighbourhoods like Spintex & Lapaz. Shopaholics can visit local markets in Kaneshie, Kantamato, and Madina for an extensive range of outfits & accessories.

You will find diverse cuisines like Italian, Spanish, Asian, American, and more. You have pubs & nightclubs in Osu, long drive places in Aburi, beaches in LA, and more to explore. Accra has one of the best lifestyles in Ghana, catering to the various needs of its residents.

Real Estate

Accra is one of the hottest hubs for Real Estate Investment to earn massive profits & returns on Commercial & Residential Properties. You will easily find a Residential Property of your choice. Accra has everything for you whether you want a duplex, serviced penthouse, studio or private apartment, private villa, row house, dwelling, or townhouse.

There are lively & peaceful neighbourhoods from Spintex to Tesano, East Legon to Achimota, and Dzorwulu to Airport Residential Areas; you have several localities where you will get straightforward access to schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, banks, work opportunities, vibrant lifestyles, beaches, entertainment, and more.

You can smoothly find your dream Residential Property in Accra according to your budget, whether you want to buy or rent. You will get excellent finance options from Stanbic Bank, EcoBank, and First Atlantic Bank for Home Loans.

Major Transportation Hub

Accra has one of the best Transportation facilities in Ghana. Whether you want to travel locally across the city or country, or to another country in Africa or International destinations, you will straightforwardly find transportation modes.

There is ample public & private transportation within the city to commute from one neighbourhood to another. The routes are built smoothly for faster commutes within the city. Trains, Buses, and Flights are available at ease for plain sailing travelling. You can rent or lease a private car for flexible travel within the city and country.

Ghana’s only International Airport – Kotoka International Airport, is in Accra and has domestic connections to other top cities of Ghana, such as Kumasi, Tamale, and Takoradi.

Employment Opportunities

Accra offers outstanding employment opportunities in Ghana for people of multiple sectors & fulfilling different job needs. There are tremendous growth opportunities in the top MNCs of the city and well-established businesses to build a promising future.

There are employment agencies to help you find job vacancies for your field & you can apply online through Jobberman.

You can work as a freelancer or become an entrepreneur with access to excellent co-working workspaces with fast-speed internet & network-building opportunities that offers valuable business consultancy services.

There are budding business service providers to help you set up and establish your business with innovative ideas & proper guidance to raise funding. You have a fantastic scope of growth in both job & business in Accra.

Access to the Best Education

Several top schools in Ghana are located in Ghana. You will find all levels of education in Accra, whether you want to kindergarten, pre-primary & primary school level, or secondary schools. You have access to both local & international school systems.

Renowned International Schools like Lincoln Community College, Ridge Church School, Ghana International School, and Morning Star School are all located in Accra, offering education through 12th Grade.

There are leading colleges & universities for higher education, diplomas, and attaining post-graduate degrees in various fields. The University of Ghana, Ghana’s oldest college, is in Legon, Accra.


After reading the blog, you will be thinking of moving to Accra because of the reasons & benefits in terms of lifestyle, employment, job, & business opportunities, access to the best education, residential properties, and major transportation hub.

However, if you need assistance selecting the best neighbourhood in Accra to live & work, feel free to contact us, and our property experts will guide you.

If you want to build your customised dream home in Accra, Ghana, Skaia Construction is your go-to destination. We provide comprehensive House Building Construction services from initial planning to architectural design to civil engineering, MEP services, interior design & finishing to deliver the key to your finished project.

We specialise in building all types of Residential Properties, whether a penthouse or studio apartment, private villa, private row house, dwelling, or any other.

Contact us at +233 27 000 1245 or email at info@skaiaconstruction.com to book your Residential Project consultation.

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