Supreme Quality MEP Solutions for your Commercial & Residential Projects

Don’t look out elsewhere in the market for MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, & Plumbing) Services. Skaia Construction provides supreme quality MEP Engineering Services in Ghana to ensure your property is equipped with all the required modern MEP amenities after the property is constructed.
Being one of the top MEP Consulting Firms in Accra, Ghana, we install all the required MEP systems with utmost delicacy to ensure your property is equipped with all the essential MEP systems like electrical connections, earthworks, water sewage systems, heaters, air-conditioners, solar systems, ventilation systems, and more.
We have the best MEP Contractors in Ghana who are well-equipped with immense experience in installing MEP systems in Commercial & Residential Projects across Ghana. We firmly believe that the work for property construction should not end once the property is constructed.
We provide comprehensive MEP services in Ghana to ensure all our Commercial & Residential projects are equipped with all the required MEP systems, including safety systems in unforeseen circumstances to ensure all our clients and their families live & work peacefully & safely in their properties.

Mechanical Services we Offer

Skaia Construction is one of the best MEP Engineering Services in Accra, Ghana, renowned for its Mechanical Services, Solutions, & Systems for Commercial & Residential Projects. We provide three essential services under Mechanical Services & Solutions in Ghana – Heat, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC). We aim to ensure that all our clients have the required MEP safety systems for their property. We provide the following Mechanical Services:
  • Fire Prevention Systems (Fire Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Water Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hydrants, FM 200 Systems)
  • Solar Systems (Solar Panels, Solar Fans, Solar Chimneys, and other necessary Solar Equipment)
  • Pumps & Pumping Stations
  • Heat Systems (Heaters, Heat Chimney, Floor Heating, Trench Heaters, Thermostats, Boilers, Radiators, and more) Ventilation Systems (Exhaust Fans, Duct Works, Grills, Dampers, and more)
  • Air-Conditioning Systems (Chillers, Roof-top package, VRV, VRF, DX units, CRAC units for data center)

Electrical Services offered by us

As one of the top Electrical Services & Solutions Providers in Accra, Ghana, we provide comprehensive electrical systems works from low current to medium to high so that all our clients have all the required Electrical Systems for their properties.
We have the best electrical contractors in Accra, Ghana, who are highly qualified & professional in delivering supreme quality Electrical Solutions for Commercial & Residential Projects. We provide the following Electrical Services:

Low Current System Works

Medium & High Current Systems Works

Plumbing Services that we offer

Being one of the top 10 Plumbing Service Providers in Accra, Ghana, we provide pre-eminent quality Plumbing Solutions & Systems for Commercial & Residential Projects in Accra, Ghana.
Our team of competent Plumbing Contractors in Accra, Ghana, is well-equipped with immense knowledge & experience in installing Plumbing Systems for 100s of properties across Ghana. We provide the following Plumbing Services & Systems:

Using BIM 360 Approach for MEP Engineering Services

Being one of the renowned MEP Services Companies in Accra, Ghana, we aim to serve all our clients with premier quality MEP Services for their Commercial & Residential Projects. At Skaia Construction, we utilize & integrate a BIM 360 Approach to deliver MEP engineering & design services that include the following:

Post Construction Support

Being one of the best MEP Service Providers in Accra, Ghana, our work doesn’t complete after constructing the property and installation of MEP systems. Our actual work begins after that.
We provide supreme quality Post Construction Support in the form of repair, maintenance, parts replacement, and timely check-up to ensure that the installed MEP systems function in their best condition and not causing any inconvenience to the client.
We provide the following Post Construction Support Services:

The breakdown of MEP systems can happen anytime due to unforeseen circumstances. To ensure that our clients don’t face inconvenience apart from the timely check-up, we provide 24/7 Emergency Support to get immediate repair & replacement done. Our team of Proficient Technicians & Engineers provides on-site repair, maintenance, and part replacement.

MEP Systems breakdown due to a power outage, wiring failure, or other circumstances may damage parts. At Skaia Construction, we provide authentic & verified spare parts for our MEP Systems in scenarios of parts replacement to ensure our clients get everything at a one-stop destination.

Connect with us to install the required MEP systems at your property.

Don’t leave your property incomplete without the installation of MEP systems. At Skaia Construction, our MEP Contractors ensure that your property has all the necessary MEP systems so that you don’t face any inconvenience in the future.
We install every MEP system carefully and provide its after-service & replacement parts so that you enjoy peace of mind while using our MEP services.

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