Fulfill your dream of constructing your own Residential Property in Ghana.

Don’t wait anymore. Partner with Skaia Architecture and Construction and convert your vision of having your dream house into reality with us. Being one of the top Residential Construction Companies in Accra, Ghana, we provide comprehensive house-building services from construction to renovation and remodeling.

We have a team of house-building architects, drafters, design consultants, civil engineers, MEP contractors, and interior designers in-house who are proficient in constructing every house-building project to make it stand out in the neighborhood.

We aim to build premier quality Residential Projects in Ghana to make our country look plush and make a dream come true of our country’s people of constructing their own house.

We have excellent knowledge of local regulations, and all our house-building projects are constructed according to the industry’s standards. We help our clients get the required permissions & licenses for building Residential Property.

We help you construct your Residential Projects from scratch (barren land) to the finished work, delivering the key to your Property. We take care of the entire work from initial concept to design to construction to installation of MEP systems and interior designing solutions.

Being one of the top house-building companies in Ghana, we specialize in building Residential Projects.

Residential Projects that we take up

As one of the best house building companies in Accra, we take up a countless number of Residential Projects according to our client’s requirements & needs. The following are the projects that we take up:


We provide comprehensive House Building services to the residents of Ghana and Ghanaians living abroad and looking to build their house/residential property in Ghana.

E.g., if you are Ghanaian living overseas and looking to construct your own house in Ghana, Skaia Construction will assist you with everything from property consultation to helping you acquire land, architectural designs & plans, building the house to the installation of MEP systems to Interior Designing Solutions, and delivering you the key to your ready-to-move-in property.

As a renowned House Building & Renovation company in Accra, Ghana, we always strive to deliver top-notch designs for Residential Projects. We have dexterous architects, designers & drafters who understand your design requirement and design pre-eminent quality homes to make your Residential Property stand out in the neighborhood.

We use the latest tools & software for making innovative designs and the best engineering techniques for incorporating them into construction.

At Skaia Construction, we have one of the best Residential Building Construction teams who are proficient in constructing numerous types of Residential Projects.

Our team stays in touch with you throughout the entire process to keep you updated with each & every step and maintain fair transparency. It helps in executing each & every stage and making designs according to our client’s tastes, preferences, requirements, and needs.

Being one of the leading Residential House Building Companies in Accra, Ghana, all our residential projects are built according to the local rules & regulations and conform to the industry’s best standards set out by the building authority.

We pay utmost attention to quality in each & every stage, from using advanced tools & software for design & detailing to the finest quality raw materials for building to pre-eminent quality MEP systems to the latest trends in interior designing solutions.

Our team stays updated with the latest trends in Ghana and happening across the globe. We consider all these trends for designing architectural plans and interiors for Residential projects.

All our projects exhibit the latest trends in the market and give you a plush & royal feel. We strive to give every house a unique look by meticulously designing floors, doors, windows, lighting fixtures for walls & ceiling, furniture, and other interiors of the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Partner with us to build your house in Ghana

If you are searching for House Builder Companies in Ghana to build a new house or renovate/remodel the current one, Skaia Construction is your one-stop destination. Our mission is to build world-class designs Residential Properties in Ghana, giving our client’s properties an imperial & opulent look.

Being one of the top 10 Residential House Building Companies in Accra, Ghana, we build all our Residential Properties according to our client’s customs, tastes, preferences, requirements, and needs. We work on all types & sizes of Residential Projects within our client’s budget.

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