Which are the Trending Locations for Businesses in Ghana?

People think starting a business involves company incorporation & registration, and manufacturing of products/services. In reality, there is a pivotal aspect to succeeding in your business and standing out from competitors in today’s world, which most businesses miss out on.

Location is the most crucial factor that you need to pay attention to for alluring customers to walk in, and it should be at the city’s prime locations so more customers can visit. The more accessible your location is to the customers, the faster your business will grow.

Many business owners face dilemmas regarding Commercial Properties selection and decide between leasing & purchasing.

In this blog, we will walk through the best neighbourhoods & communities in Ghana, which are in massive demand and will add significant value to your products & services by giving customers a physical arena to interact with your business offerings.

Trending Business Locations & Neighbourhoods in Ghana

The following are the highly desired & hottest business neighbourhoods & communities in Accra, Ghana, which you must consider as your business location:


If you are looking for a highly accessible location for customers and demanded Commercial Properties neighbourhood in Accra, Dzorwulu should be at the top of your list. It has substantial companies that are top players in Oil & Gas industry in Ghana.

Nearby, you will find manufacturing companies, land-moving machinery companies, car rental companies, hotels, hospitals, schools, and many more well-established businesses.

The best part is that it shares perimeters with the Airport Residential Area with straightforward access to public transportation. It is a location that drives many customers to visit the businesses.

Airport Residential Area

It shares boundaries with Dzorwulu and is one of the top locations in Ghana for Commercial Properties with modern residential communities and advanced structures to let out for Commercial purposes.

It is a neighbourhood that invites vast numbers of foreigners, expats, and locals going overseas and provides them with arrivals services. It is the #1 demanded location for Commercial Properties in Accra.


It is renowned as that neighbourhood of Accra that never sleeps because of its extensive Commercial Properties, including restaurants, bars, lounges, banks, corporates, and supermarkets.

It holds a major part of the Ghana Parliament. You can conveniently find public & private transportation. You will find many startups that are proliferating.

If you are looking for a business-friendly neighbourhood for starting a business in the hospitality, banking, and corporate sector, Osu is the #1 location in Accra.

Accra Central

Accra Central is a vibrant & fast-paced community in Ghana with a massive demand for Commercial Properties. It has vast numbers of local businesses dealing in retail & wholesale space. It is a go-to place for vendors in Ghana to buy substantial items.

In the last decade, multitudinous Chinese owners have occupied Commercial Properties for goods trading on a vast scale. If you want to start a retail or wholesale business in Ghana, you should give the foremost preference to Accra Central.


It is a neighbourhood located nearby the coast and the port city of Tema. It is a beautiful, peaceful, and busiest combination of three locations for Commercial & Residential properties.

Spintex is renowned for automotive & industrial companies, shopping centres, and Lebanese & Indian supermarkets along the streets, which is the busiest route & highly preferred for starting the business.


Though it is a separate city from Accra, a significant part of the port is related to Accra. Tema Harbour is the primary seaport of Ghana, and the nearby neighbourhood is Spintex. It has a higher number of industrial & manufacturing production facilities compared to Spintex.

If you want to start an Import & Export Company, Production Company, or Moving Company in Ghana, Tema is one of the hottest neighbourhoods.


It is one of the top cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of Ghana, consisting of both Commercial & Residential Properties. Lapaz is renowned as one of the busiest streets of Ghana for second-hand equipment & goods.

You will find many well-established Commercial businesses, such as hardware stores, automobile repair shops, electronic shops, boutiques, and more. If you want to start a small-scale second-hand goods business in Ghana, Lapaz is the #1 location.

North Kaneshie

It is one of the hottest suburbs of the Accra Metropolitan area in the Greater Accra region. It is renowned for its well-established Industrial, Pharmaceutical, and Polyurethane Companies and is home to the wealthiest industrialists in Ghana.

North Kaneshie is one of the perfect locations for Manufacturing Companies and starting production businesses in Ghana. You will spot a vast number of companies engaged in services of distribution & delivery of products & goods across the country.


After reading the blog, you will have a firm comprehension of the trending & hottest neighbourhoods, suburbs, ports, cosmopolitan areas, and busiest streets of Accra, Ghana, for starting various types of businesses mentioned in the blog. However, if you have questions or need advice, feel free to contact us.

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