Get your vivid ideas converted to designs with our Proficient & Bespoke Architecture Design Services.

Before building any Commercial or Residential Project, it is a must to have an architectural design plan on paper and in the form of a model to have firm clarity regarding how your project will look once the property is built.
At Skaia Construction, we provide comprehensive architecture & engineering designs & 3D Models for Commercial & Residential Projects. Our Architectural Design Services are made according to the culture, customs, and traditions.
As one of the top architectural firms in Accra, Ghana, we build properties from scratch (barren land) by helping you with competent architectural & engineering design services, including construction, MEP, HVAC, Interior Design & Finishing.


At Skaia Construction, our team understands your requirements for the project and the budget in which you are looking to build the property. And accordingly, our architects design the architectural plan for residential buildings and commercial projects.
We have the best architects in Accra, Ghana, who are highly qualified & professional in cost-effectively designing your project. Get access to the top architects in Accra, Ghana, at competitive pricing.

Skaia Construction is a renowned architecture firm in Accra, Ghana, that provides accurate & precise measurements for Commercial & Residential Projects Construction.
Our team considers your plot dimensions and accordingly design architectural & engineering drawings, models, designs, and plan by optimally utilizing the entire place to give you value for your property. We provide 3D models to give you a pictorial view of how the furniture & interiors will look in the completed project.

Architectural Drafters provide the detailing in the most advanced AUTOCAD drafting tools & software.
We believe in giving supreme services & quality at the most competitive pricing to convert your vision into the reality of having your own Commercial & Residential Property.

We incorporate all the latest technology tools & software for delivering Contemporary Style Architectural Design & Engineering Services to give a plush & splendid look to each & every property that we build.
For instance, our team includes the design to install all the modern-day MEP systems, including electrical connection, wiring, heaters, air-conditioners, ventilation systems, solar panels for sustainable electricity, and more such systems to build each & every project with futuristic designs & technology.

At Skaia Construction, we follow a systematic pre-construction approach for the foundation of all our core & shell projects. We conduct an extensive, detailed, and accurate methodology for comprehending our client project goals & apply them for construction planning.
This critical effort helps us minimize risk & costs for all the core & shell building projects. In the pre-construction approach, we aim to maintain crystal-clear communication between our team & clients to ensure each & every stage is carried out in synchronization & harmony.
We provide critical path schedule development for all our core & shell projects, including the design and scheduling of procurement of raw materials to maintain accuracy & precision for construction. Our pre-construction services include cost modelling, logistics planning, designing, contractor coordination, and detailed shell & core construction planning.


Our Architectural Design Team

Every Architectural Masterpiece (project) is made prominent across the country and worldwide by the team of architects who put their immense efforts, dedication, and devotion into designing the best models & drawings. At Skaia Architecture and Construction, we have the most dexterous & competent team of architects in Ghana who understands the client’s needs and accordingly designs & makes models. Our Architectural Drafters are well-versed with AUTOCAD & Revit for converting your vision into drawings, blueprints, plans, & models to give you an overview of the finished project.
Our team consists of the following:

  • Architects & CAD Draftsman
  • Architectural Drafters
  • 2D & 3D Modelers
  • 3D CAD Drawings Drafters
  • 2D Engineering Drawings Drafters

Our entire team is well-equipped with immense knowledge & experience and is capable of delivering top-notch design Commercial & Residential Projects.
We are one of the top architectural design & drafting companies in Accra, Ghana, proficient in providing a wide range of drafting services, including CAD Conversion Services, 2D & 3D Models, 2D Engineering Drawings, 3D CAD Drawings, and more depending on the project’s requirements.
Our team aims to deliver world-class designs to make your property look premium & pre-eminent in the neighbourhood, making you feel plush.

Get your vivid ideas & vision of building a property in Ghana converted into Architectural Designs.

If you dream of owning your property in Ghana, you must convert it into Architectural Design first to get a pictorial overview of how your property will look once it is entirely built. Converting your designs into paper is the first & foremost step in building a Commercial & Residential Project.
Our Residential Architecture Designs have added a stunning look to the city’s architectural beauty, and the exquisite designs make it stand out in the neighborhood. Our Commercial Architecture Designs have boosted employees’ productivity as the workplace looks captivating and gives a professional ambiance.
We have built exemplary stores & showrooms in Ghana that makes them stand out in the market.
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