Tips to Keep Your House Roof Cool in Summer Seasons

Roofing is the pivotal element of any Property Construction and must be constructed meticulously using premier quality materials, engineering, designs, and patterns to ensure it protects your house from leakage in monsoons, hailstorms in winters, and extreme heat in summers.

For Ghanaian weather, you must consider crucial aspects to make your Residential Property roof and terrace more relaxed in the summer. Various techniques, products, and methods exist to drop the roof temperature by certain numbers in Summer.

In this blog, we will walk you through proven-effective tips and techniques to make your home roof and terrace feel cooler by substantially dropping its temperature.

Tips for Making Your Roof and Terrace Cooler in Summers

Opting for White Paint Colour
Opting for White Paint Colour

One of the most effective ways to make your house roof cooler is opting for white paint colour. White colour is renowned for reflecting heat wavelengths and doesn’t absorb much heat like black and darker colours.

We recommend choosing white or light shades to paint your home roof and terrace as they will provide excellent thermal insulation by reflecting sun rays and keeps your indoors calmer and relaxed. You can even opt for installing white ceramic and porcelain tiles on the terrace floor and roof.

At Skaia Construction, we have highly experienced & competent Painting Contractors in Accra, Ghana, proficient in providing potent solutions and lighter colour shades options, and our Cladding Consultants will recommend suitable tiles for your terrace flooring and roof to keep the temperature cooler in Summer.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Take a step towards sustainability and adopt an eco-friendly approach to make your roof cooler by installing Solar Panels. It is an excellent option to store renewable energy as an electricity alternative.

Solar Panels are designed and renowned for their heat-absorbing properties by converting them into electrical energy, which you can use in the future. You can install them on that part of your terrace area where the heat falls immensely. Solar Panels comprise photovoltaic cells, which block heat waves and UV rays from hitting the roof.

At Skaia Construction, we provide Solar Panels Installation Services in Ghana as part of our MEP Solutions. Our team will professionally and cautiously install them at your Residential Property, whether an apartment, complex, villa, row house or multi-storey building.

Heat-Resistant Flooring
Heat-Resistant Flooring

If you are looking for a cost-effective, feasible, and wiser contemporary option to make your home roof cooler, we recommend opting for heat-resistant flooring at the time of house building.

You can opt for wooden deck tiles, ceramic, porcelain, or terracotta tiles, as they reflect heat wavelengths and keep floors and rooms beneath terrace roofs calmer and relaxed during peak summers. They are a perfect option for Ghanaian climate and weather conditions.

At Skaia Construction, we provide heat-resistant flooring as part of our MEP Solutions and House Building Services. We customise them according to the client’s tastes & preferences for tiles’ colour, designs, and patterns. We will proficiently install them at your property and provide post-installation services to ensure you don’t face any inconvenience.

Garden Terrace
Garden Terrace

If you are a nature lover who loves spending time in nature’s arms and wants to be surrounded by greenery, we recommend building a garden terrace. It is straightforward to construct your rooftop garden; you just need to keep potted plants, install green grass & bushes, and plant small trees.

You can even opt for installing green roof shade to protect your terrace flooring and roof from direct sunlight. The mud inside potted plants, trees, bushes, and green lawns will absorb heat waves.

We recommend ensuring the roof is appropriately waterproofed to block moisture seepage and water droplets through terrace flooring, roof slabs, and external walls during watering plants, bushes, and trees.

At Skaia Construction, we provide Cladding & Roofing Services in Accra, Ghana, wherein our Cladding Consultants will suggest efficacious solutions to make your terrace roofing and flooring waterproof.

Installing Radiator on the Attic
Installing Radiator on the Attic

Some customers might not find this tip potent as it significantly won’t limit direct sunlight intrusion inside the house through the terrace roof and flooring like other tips. However, installing Radiators on the top floor attic will act as an excellent barrier by keeping heat waves’ impact off your roof. It will give you satisfactory results by serving as a heat insulator and avoiding heat building in the roof.

At Skaia Construction, we provide Radiators Installation Services in Accra, Ghana, as part of our MEP solutions. Our highly experienced and innovative MEP Consultants will offer constructive solutions and suggestions for keeping your roof cooler in summer.


After reading the blog, you will have firm clarity and become familiar with the tips and recommendations provided by us in the blog to keep your terrace flooring and roof calmer and relaxed in summer. We suggest implementing at least 2-3 tips mentioned in the blog for the desired results. However, if you need additional clarification, feel free to contact us.

At Skaia Construction, we provide comprehensive House Building, Cladding, Roofing, and MEP Services & Solutions in Accra, Ghana, to deliver premier-level comfort zone and assistance to our clients, making their lives easier. We provide installation across Ghana within the dedicated time frame and post-installation services for timely maintenance & servicing for extended longevity.

Contact us for a free consultation and quotation by calling us at +233 27 000 1245 or emailing at info@skaiaconstruction.com.




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