Types of Glass you can Opt for Natural Lighting and Privacy

Types of Glass you can Opt for Natural Lighting and Privacy

Every Resident of Ghana prioritises their utmost privacy at their respective Residential Properties, which can be achieved by selecting perfect materials during your house construction. One of the effective ways to ensure adequate lighting & privacy is picking the right Glass for your home windows, doors, and walls.

In this blog, we will walk you through ideal Glass Types for your Residential Property that will provide sufficient natural lighting to filter inside your house according to your preference and give needed privacy from trespassers.

Ideal Types of Glass for Your Homes

Several Glass Types are available in the Ghana market. However, we recommend the following ones for adequate natural lighting and proper privacy:

Switchable Privacy Glass

It is a highly preferred Glass Type in Accra’s posh areas and is designed to give a premium look to your House Interiors. Switchable Privacy Glass is a cleverly invented tech product with a switch back & forth feature between an opaque and transparent window panel. It is an ideal Glass type for needed natural light and privacy.

You can opt for a double-glazed Switchable Glass for excellent protection from sharp sunlight and UV rays. It has a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film that can be electrically changed from light-passing to an opaque state and vice-versa via a button click.

Translucent Glass

It is a renowned Glass Type widely used in Ghana’s Homes. Translucent Glass Type has a stylish natural frosted look provided via sandblasting, acid-etching transparent glass sheets, vinyl films, and other effective ways.

It doesn’t cover the entire door and has a marked surface on one side of the panel to scatter & diffuse adequate natural lighting. It creates a blur imaging effect and passing of needed lighting. Translucent Glass is used for windows, doors, and walls in Residential Properties, providing excellent privacy from trespassers and neighbouring apartments.

You can opt for Translucent Glass windows to create a solitude window seat place and perfect privacy in the shower and walk-in robe. You can use it for the attic to get a frosty moon view at night and enjoy rain in monsoons through the glass.

You can even transform an open (vacant) space in your house into a shower or private reading/writing/painting place with Translucent Glass Walls.

Textured Glass

It is an elegantly styled and exquisitely designed Glass Type which can transform your house into a plush setup. Textured Glass Panel is prominent for its creative patterns and designs exhibited through Doors, Windows, and Walls Glass Panels. Textured Glass Type will add a captivating decorative touch to your home Glass Panels. It perfectly blends with the house’s front gate, making your home front and interiors feel like a villa.

You can customise it according to your choice’s patterns, design elements, and artistic shades. You can opt for Textured Glass in the upper or lower panel for privacy according to your preference, and the non-textured part will allow natural light passage.

Coloured Glass

If you want something colourful which can give your Residential Property rooms a mesmerising ambient lighting setup, we recommend Coloured Glass Type. It is a crystal-clear Glass Panel that filters Natural Light and provides appropriate privacy using Coloured Films and Textures.

The Coloured part will act as a dramatic focal point passing colourful lights on the floor surfaces and objects, making your room look opulent and magnificent.

You can customise the Glass Doors, Walls, and Windows by opting for a Coloured Film according to the wall colours, internal and external lighting, and furniture shades to give your house a lavish and sophisticated touch. You can even go for a Stained Coloured Glass Panel for a stylish and royal look.

Smoked Glass

If you want to give your home bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and dining area your favourite celebrity house feel, Smoked Glass Type should be on top of your list. It is transparent and doesn’t conceal an external view. However, it has darkened, smoky colour film and texture to give a lucid sight of the wardrobe and bedroom from the shower room.

We recommend opting for black tapware and minimalistic or tinge of black elements on objects or metalwork to make the Smoked Glass Panel on Windows, Walls, Doors, and Dressing Mirror blends splendidly with them.

Bricks Block Glass

If you want to fill your house spaces with stunning & vibrant lighting effects, Bricks Block Glass is an ideal pick. It has small, sublimely designed Bricks Blocks to allow the passing of natural light and blend it with visually entrancing light filters inside the home while maintaining the required privacy.

Bricks Block Glass Panels have a sheer thickness, which provides insulation against heat & cold, acts as noise reduction, and is energy efficient. You can use them for functional & decorative purposes and opt for a stained texture for palace vibes.


After reading the blog, you will be enriched with fantastic ideas on how to style your house with different types of Glass Panels for filtering natural light and adequate privacy. You can opt for a single or a combination of 3-4 types to give a versatile & fascinating look to your home.

You can even opt for Leadlights, usually seen in Traditional Heritage Houses, if you are a fan of classical art patterns and motifs. Leadlights act as decorative ornate to your home Windows, Doors, and Walls, as they are created of small glass pieces.

You can get them coloured, textured, stained, smoked, translucent, stained, or etched/enclosed by lead frames for privacy and charming decor. For any questions and more tips, feel free to contact us.

Skaia Construction manufactures customised Glass Panels in Ghana for Windows, Walls, and Doors. We have a team of highly creative and ingenious Interior Designers who will help you design the Glass Type mentioned in the blog of your choice.

As a leading Glass Windows and Doors Manufacturer in Accra, Ghana, we specialise in designing and crafting eye-pleasing and premium patterns and colours of Glass Panels and Windows. Contact us for a free quotation and consultation and give your home a modernised, lavish look. You can call us at +233 27 000 1245 or email at info@skaiaconstruction.com.

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