Elegant Finishing Cladding Services for Commercial & Residential Projects in Ghana.

Give an exquisite touch to your property during the construction stage with Skaia Construction Bespoken Cladding Services. Being one of the top 10 cladding companies in Accra, Ghana, we strive to add an enchanting and astounding look to your property and add value to the project.
Our Cladding Services are renowned for adding robust durability to Commercial & Residential Properties across Ghana.

We pride ourselves in delivering premier quality cladding & light steel frame solutions, and Aluminium & Aluzinc roofing sheets for both Commercial & Residential project construction needs.

We have a team of highly qualified & professional cladding installers in Ghana who are well-equipped with exceptional craftsmanship to deliver premier quality cladding & roofing services & solutions.

Our Cladding Services are resistant to fire, moisture, rotting, termites, and other external impacts and are low maintenance. They will add a chic look to your building exteriors and depth to your property’s design.

Most Reliable Facade Company in Ghana

Install the highest-quality aluminium composite materials and Alucobond panels for your Commercial & Residential projects in Ghana. Being one of the renowned facade cladding companies in Accra, Ghana, we offer comprehensive facade cladding services that include wall & roof cladding.
The Alucobond panels used in facade cladding provide flexibility in design and is easy to install. The materials we used are perfect for constructing new buildings and re-structuring existing ones, whether small or large. The panels are robust, can survive challenging temperatures, and offer excellent formability with fabrication techniques.


Being one of the best cladding companies in Accra, Ghana, we serve numerous sectors & industries by providing cladding services. We offer both Commercial & Residential projects that include the following


To understand our client’s cladding services requirements & demands, we follow a two-stage process to ensure we both are on the same page before proceeding towards the cladding installation step.

Step 1: Planning

We have a team of competent cladding contractors who meticulously understand your requirements & demands and suggest options to help you select the best. Then, we moved to the planning stage and planned the entire cladding project according to the discussion to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
Our in-house experts will stay connected with you during the planning phase to ensure the base is strong. In the planning phase, deliverables are Cladding Construction details, BIM objects, Shaders, and Approvals.

Step 2: Mock-ups of your cladding

After the planning phase, we design project-specific mock-ups that include technical feasibility tests. Through this, our cladding team gets useful BIM & DWG files for further planning. 

Based on it, a facade cladding design is made. This phase involves modifying shapes, grids & patterns, adapting color, and creating your desired building envelope.


Being one of the top Cladding Service Providers in Accra, Ghana, we provide free engineering estimation for cladding services. The reason is to provide an accurate estimate to the clients for cladding & roofing services installation before proceeding towards the next phase.
Our team of highly qualified personnel uses the latest cladding & roofing engineering software deployed in-house to provide an accurate & precise estimation. Based on the estimate, we provide you with the right advice to execute your project within your budget.

At Skaia Construction, we provide sustainable cladding & roofing services in Accra, Ghana, by innovating different ways of installing cladding & roofing systems.
Hence, we install a rainwater harvesting system on both new & existing roofs to ensure the rainwater gets stored and can be used for different household & commercial purposes. We provide spouts at selected points for harvesting rainwater.

At Skaia Construction, we have a highly proficient & professional team of cladding installers who meticulously install cladding & roofing systems at Commercial & Residential Projects across Ghana.
Being one of the most trusted Cladding Companies in Accra, Ghana, we provide a warranty against leakages to our clients to ensure they don’t face any inconvenience in the short term.

Our work doesn’t stop after the installation of cladding & roofing systems. We stay connected with you to provide 24/7 repair, maintenance, and replacement service support.
We believe in building long-term business relations with all our clients. And that is why we provide 24/7 after-installation service to ensure our clients don’t face any inconvenience with our cladding & roofing systems.

Book a free project consultation to get an estimation

Partner with us by booking a free project consultation for cladding & roofing solutions, and we will provide you with a free estimation. We believe in maintaining fair transparency to ensure our clients are aware of each & every step of cladding & roofing installation.
We provide a transparent estimate within your budget. We provide the most competitive pricing for cladding & roofing services for Commercial & Residential projects across Ghana.
Contact us and get premier quality cladding & roofing services & solutions with exceptional installation from our proficient cladding installers.

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