Most reliable electrical services & solutions in Ghana.

Choose Skaia Construction, and stay worry-free about installing electrical systems at your Commercial & Residential property. Installation of electrical systems is a complex and sensitive task, as a small wiring mistake can jeopardize many lives due to electrical short circuits and fire burnout.
At Skaia Construction, we have a team of highly skilled & professional electrical contractors who are specialized in electrical works for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential projects.
Being one of the best electrical services companies in Accra, Ghana, we have the finest infrastructure at our facility to meet various requirements & demands of large-scale organizations and industries.

We take up a countless number of Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Projects across that include:

Electrical Services and Solutions Offered by Us

Being one of the top 10 electrical companies in Ghana, we provide a vast range of electrical services & solutions. We believe that all our client’s projects should have all the required electrical systems & solutions so that they don’t face any inconvenience and enjoy a delightful service by opting for us as their electrical contractor.
We strive to create value for every Commercial & Residential project we work on to build long-term business relations with all our clients. We provide the following electrical services:

Low Current System Works

Medium & High Current Systems Works

We have the best electrical contractors in Accra, Ghana, who are well-equipped with immense knowledge & experience in installing electrical systems & solutions across Ghana.
We provide customized electrical systems & solutions according to our client’s project requirements, preferences, and needs. We provide 24/7 post-installation service support for repair, maintenance, and parts replacement to ensure our clients don’t face inconvenience.


At Skaia Construction, we have the best electrical contractors in-house who are certified electrical wiring professionals equipped with tremendous knowledge & expertise in installing electrical services for Commercial & Residential Projects across Ghana.
All the installation, repair, and maintenance work are done according to International Standards of electrical installations, repair & maintenance.
Our electrical contractors first understand your project electrical solutions requirements and your needs. And accordingly, we choose lighting fixtures, electrical power, and security systems.

Being one of the best electrical services providers in Accra, Ghana, we procure all our raw materials, electrical systems, and replacement parts from the local authorized & legitimate vendors & suppliers.
We conduct in-depth research before selecting our vendors & suppliers to ensure all the procured materials & systems are of the highest quality.
We stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. And accordingly, procure materials to ensure our clients have the latest technology electrical systems installed at their property.
We have a tie-up with the local jurisdiction to obtain the required permissions for installing electrical systems at your Commercial & Residential Properties.

Partner with the most competent & proficient electrical contractor in Ghana.

Installation of Electrical systems is a challenging and risky task, which can lead to jeopardy situations if not handled with care.

Partner with Skaia Construction for electrical services & solutions for your Commercial & Residential project in Ghana. We have the most dexterous & proficient electrical contractors who will meticulously install all the electrical systems. And also provide repair, maintenance, and part replacement services post-installation.

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