Most Reliable Turnkey Contract Company in Accra, Ghana

If you are looking for Turnkey Construction Contract Services in Accra, Ghana, look nowhere else other than Skaia Construction. With a rich experience & phenomenal knowledge of providing premier quality construction services, we provide comprehensive Turnkey Construction Contract Services for Commercial & Residential Projects in Ghana.

As one of the top 10 Turnkey Construction Contract Companies in Accra, Ghana, we take full responsibility for planning, designing, constructing, and installing MEP Systems & Interiors to give you an elegant finished ready-to-move property.

If you a contractor having a project contract and looking to complete all stages of the project, from detail engineering to construction to installation of required MEP systems & interiors, Skaia Construction is your one-stop destination.

You don’t have to invest massive capital to build the property. You can invest your time in your core business tasks and let our team finish your project with the perfect touch.

Why choose us?


Ease off the burden of communicating with vendors & companies for procuring raw materials for the construction process. You can use this free-up time to focus on your core business activities to grow your business.


Access to the best-in-industry team of architects, designers, drafters, modelers, civil engineers, interior designers, and MEP contractors for building your Commercial & Residential Project according to the industry’s standards to deliver premier quality output.


We will streamline all the complex tasks & processes from initial conceptualization to design to construction to interior designing to the final delivery of the project. This will save time, production costs, shipping costs, and over-purchase of raw materials.


Assign in-house human resources other valuable tasks & activities instead of assembling them into different projects, training them, buying the latest technology tools & software, hiring a logistics team, and putting efforts into keeping supply chain management smooth.


Being one of the best turnkey construction companies in Accra, Ghana, we aim to deliver all the turnkey projects within the time frame so that our clients start getting a return on it by selling out the constructed property.

Our team of competent Turnkey Contractors in Ghana has immense experience in finishing turnkey construction projects on time.

Process of Turnkey Projects Construction

Being one of the most reliable Turnkey Construction Service Providers in Accra, Ghana, we follow a definite process for all our Turnkey Construction Contracts. The process is as follows:

Illustrating the project

The first & foremost step in the formation of a turnkey construction contract is understanding the vision & vivid ideas of the client and creating a plan of action.

Based on it, architects and drafters create designs, models, & drawings, which will give the client & the civil engineering team a firm clarity of how the property looks once constructed. This phase is also known as the design conceptualization stage.

Pre-Construction Stage

Once the design is finalized, the project is proposed to the investors, shareholders, vendors, & suppliers to attain the capital for the client & procurement of raw materials. This stage is known as the proposal stage.

The project’s design is shared with different people involved in the project to give them a pictorial overview of the project so they can invest in the client’s project.

At Skaia Construction, we meet with the investors on your behalf to explain the project returns and convince them to invest in your property.

Construction Stage

Once the vendors & suppliers have agreed to the supply of raw materials and all the required equipment for the project’s construction and investors have shown interest in the project, our civil engineers start constructing the property.

Our team of Competent Civil Engineers focuses on the design & detailing to establish the property’s structural integrity for the final testing for the smooth carrying out of the project. This step helps in identifying & mitigating problems encountered in the designing stage.

Project Delivery

Once the property is constructed, our MEP contractors install all the required MEP systems. Our Interior Designers design the interiors to ensure your property has all the essential furniture and interiors, so you don’t have to look elsewhere to acquire furniture & interiors.

Once the property is ready to move in, we hand over the key to the client, and the project is deemed to be completed as the liability is passed on from Skaia Construction to the client.

Contact us for a consultation for Turnkey Construction Contract

Partner with one of the most renowned Turnkey Construction Contract Companies in Ghana for your Turnkey Project, and we will provide you with consultation on your project.

At Skaia Construction, we provide Turnkey Construction Contracts for Commercial & Residential projects. Our Turnkey Construction Contractors will carry out the entire process from conceptualization to delivering the key to your property.

We believe in creating value for every project that we work on to build long-term relationships with clients. Let’s turn your vision into reality by starting with a project consultation.

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