Redefine your style of living & working with our premium & opulent Commercial & Residential Properties.

At Skaia Architecture and Construction, we have a premium segment where we construct luxurious Commercial & Residential Properties, adding an opulent touch to your working & living. Being one of the top 10 High-End Construction Companies in Ghana, we strive to take property construction to the next level by constructing commercial & residential properties.
Through this premium segment, we offer a magnificent opportunity to Ghanaians to convert their vision of building their elegant dream lifestyle into reality.

Projects that we take up

As one of the leading High-End Construction Companies in Accra, we believe in building a heavenly range of Commercial & Residential properties that include the following:

Note: We provide a lavish swimming pool with all our Luxurious properties construction to give the property a premium & soothing feel.


Being one of the renowned High-End Commercial and Residential Construction Companies in Accra, Ghana, we believe in building every project with sustainable architectural planning & design and installation of sustainable systems. At Skaia Construction, we meticulously select raw materials that don’t impact the environment and are non-toxic, such as eco-friendly paints. We install sustainable MEP & HVAC systems at every luxurious property, such as:
  • A small garden with warm ambience plants (spider plants)
  • Solar panels
  • Solar heaters
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Wind turbine
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Cool roof
  • Water filters
  • Micro-hydro systems
  • Air purifiers
  • Thermostats
  • Compost for kitchen waste
  • Eco-friendly reusable wooden furniture
  • Motion sensing lights & skylights for saving electricity
  • Eco-friendly flooring & carpets
  • HVAC systems, and more, depending on your requirements, preferences, and demands.

At Skaia Construction, we have the best architects and interior designers in Ghana who are dexterous and proficient in creating world-class designs and giving a luxurious look to your property.
Being one of the leading High-End Residential Construction Companies in Accra, Ghana, we build pre-eminent quality High-End Residential properties.
Our team uses a blend of ultra-modern urban lifestyle and grandfather-era classical wooden furniture and interiors for designing Residential properties.
For Commercial properties, we create posh spaces that make the people working at your property and visitors feel plush & imperial, adding value to your business & organization.
For the hospitality & tourism industries, we create breathtaking and elegant designs of properties such as resorts, staycations, premium suites, and more.

As a renowned High-End Construction Company, we pay the utmost attention to understanding our client’s requirements, tastes, preferences, demands, and needs. And accordingly, we plan & design opulent & premium designs, which include entire construction documentation drawings with interiors, exteriors, and landscaping designs.
We pay utmost attention to detailing in construction, installation of MEP & HVAC systems, and Interior Designing & finishing stage to give delightful satisfaction to our clients.
Whether it is the construction of new property or renovation of existing property, we provide tailor-made solutions to all our clients to make their property stand out in the neighborhood.
Each & every project is carried out in a lavish & elegant manner by careful selection of the tiles, wall textures, paint colours, raw materials, cabinets, furniture, appliances, systems, decors, and more to give a royal & splendid output.

Book a free project consultation to construct your premium & luxurious property in Ghana.

For every vision and the end goal in mind, the first step needs to be taken to convert it into reality. To transform every dream into reality, you must pen it down through planning and design. Take the first step by booking a free project consultation for constructing a high-end luxurious Commercial & Residential property in Ghana.
At Skaia Construction, we specialize in custom architectural planning & designs for commercial buildings, home renovations, new residential properties, luxurious hospitality properties, and more.
We pride ourselves in creating value for our clients and giving them an experience with plush & opulent touch by designing, crafting, and building properties that add a luxurious touch to your personality that you have desired, making you achieve your dreams in reality.
Skaia Architecture and Construction – where the dreams come true.

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